Network Access Point - Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX)

Today, simply getting onto the Internet is not enough. In today's business environment, it's about getting the shortest, fastest, and most reliable route to the Internet that counts.

NAP Info Lintas Nusa understands this critical need. That is why we have built Indonesia's firs and only Network Access Point, or Internet Exchange, which utilizes not only terrestrial links, but also satellite links and submarine cables, so that local ISP traffic can flow more effectively.

Today, we have a congestion free solution for all ISPs in Indonesia. Through a single connection to NAP, you are ensured fast and reliable access to International IP traffic via our submarine cable or satellite links.

Because we built and operate the network infrastructure, we have total control over its operation, and we can guarantee that your communications needs are met through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We deliver high capacity bandwidth through STM 1 fibre links to the major IP backbones in the US and Europe. Peering agreements are also being forged with major IP exchanges in Asia to provide you with total global coverage.

Through our high-tech Network Operation Centre, we are already home to hot sites like Yahoo, Lycos, and Hotmail. Link to us means faster access to these high-traffic sites.

We partner with the top industry players. Our network infrastructure is built from ground up using Cisco System Gigabit Switch Router with 60 Gigabit, with redundancy units at off-site locations.

Our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC) offers real-time monitoring of traffic around the clock to ensure optimal routing of Internet traffic for maximum speed and reliability.

Service Package:

Our basic peering package provides you with standard services like:

  • Real-time monitoring to provide you with information on traffic flows in worldwide links
  • Optimal performance yield through the use of our high-speed routers in conjunction with our backbone
  • Guaranteed high performance and reliability through our installed telecommunications carrier grade equipment
  • Report on traffic profiles to ISPs to help in services provisioning and traffic management